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Search Engine Registrations ::
To get a good ranking in Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN, Altavista and the other major search engines for your keywords. This requires optimization of your head content and meta tags and then manual submission to the search engines and directories in the correct category.

An outcome of a good ranking is, when your site is listed in the top 10 matches when someone enters words into a major search engine and their search results yield a good match to your site. BitraNet can help you archive this.

We will be working on the optimization of your site based on the inputs provided by you through our comprehensive questionnaire. This questionnaire will make us understand your requirements in a much better way and we will able to do a perfect job then.

The next step after optimization, Your site will be submitted to the all search engines

In case your site is already submitted to the paid search engines, we will be looking towards making your site's position better in these search engines for the keywords that you wish to target.

Please note that we offer Search Engine Optimization services and NOT Search Engine Positioning services. We optimize web pages for better rankings in search engines and we DO NOT guarantee placing them in higher positions. Of course, our experience on our own internal sites( has shown that we have succeeded in getting higher rankings, and would like to offer this as service for the benefit of others like you.

If you would like to use our search engine optimization and promotion services, please fill out this form.

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